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"Positively impacting the
Community through Football."

Life Members 

Bill Beaver

Gordon Gilham (d'cd)

George Kennedy (d'cd)

Kim Ryder

Jim Bejamin (d'cd)

Peter Gray

Nobert Krause

Denis Solari

Ken Best

Rob Gray

Peter Malone

Robert Stearman

Bruce Biggs

Lynn Harvey

Ken Mcdonough (d'cd)

Claire Stearman

Gary Bradshaw

John Heldorn

Alan McKenzie

Jack Stearman (d'cd)

Lew Brown

Barry Hore

Liz Pavett

Karen Sullivan

Jim Burgess (d'cd)

Sylvia Hore

Barry Penfold

Richard Sullivan

Bill Dover (d'cd)

Charlie Johns

Bill Potter

Geoff Turner

Paul Gersling

Jeff Keats

Judy Potter

Gordon Whittaker

Player Life Members 

Wayne Dover

Greg File

Philip Savides

Greg Wilson

John Dowsett

Greg Hoy

Steve Turner

Our Vision

To develop and nurture the talent of all ages to become the best footballers, coaches and club members they can be and to encourage our players and members to become high-level contributors to our local community.

Our Values


Cronulla Seagulls FC was founded in 1959 with the desire to facilitate football participation in the region, built on the foundational values of equality and inclusiveness.


These are values we continue to hold in the highest regard, not just in words but in actions. Equality. Inclusion. Teamwork. Community. Character. Pride. Fun.

Our Goals

To Cronulla Seagulls FC has clear long-term goals focussing on developing first-class facilities for all our community members to enjoy and delivering a broader club experience second to none. To achieve these long-term goals, in the short term we aim to redevelop our clubhouse and changerooms having just completed a new canteen development. Our complete long-term plan includes a second level addition to the existing club which will enable members to enjoy watching the game from clean, safe and comfortable facilities. Adjunct to, but equally important, is the desire to develop our home ground of Woolooware Oval by increasing the usability of the oval all year round focusing on seating, playing surface quality, increasing usable space and better all-round amenity.

Our Mission

To create an environment where we can positively impact the development of our local community by providing football and life-enriching opportunities to all players irrespective of age, gender and capability.


We aim to create a lifelong passion for football and local community service and in doing so to provide a place where all can feel safe and welcome.

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