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"Football is more than a ball and two goals; it connects
people from all corners of the world”

Club History

Cronulla Juniors Soccer Club was formed to compete in the 1959 season. Gordon Gillham thought that a junior soccer club was feasible in this area, as the sport was very popular in the Cronulla region.

In response to an advertisement for players or persons interested in forming a club in Cronulla, only two players answered, and at first the situation appeared hopeless. After about two weeks, and a canvass around the local schools, two teams were formed and entered into the local competition. And so the mighty Seagulls club was formed. During the second week of the competition, the Club had increased to 5 teams.

During this Inaugural Year, the Club performed very well after its humble beginnings, however it was a very hard and trying year. Transport and helpers were very few, but the foundation had been laid, and the Club has never looked back. A number of people who helped during that first year gave great service to the Club: Bill Morris, George Grono, George Coy and Keith Platt, just to mention a few.

At the start of 1961, it was mooted that the two Cronulla Clubs, namely Cronulla and RSL should combine and form one large club, but at the last minute the arrangements fell through and Cronulla Soccer Club continued on.

1963 saw Cronulla sporting a complete new uniform in their green and white vertical stripes with black shorts.

To those many persons who have helped the Club since its inception, your efforts have not been in vain, as the Club continues to go from strength to strength each year.

2018 saw the Club celebrate it's Diamond Anniversary - 60 years!

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1950s &1960s